Chromebook Pixel: Beautiful Device, Terrible Price

Google has a way of breaking the formula when it comes to gadgets, we seen so with the Nexus 4, released as a flagship product with, but at a budget end price. This time, it seems Google has flipped the idea, opting for a bigger, better, but much more expensive Chromebook. As read FIRST IMPRESSIONS: SAMSUNG GALAXY S4.

Normally, Chromebook’s sell for about $250 – 500, depending on the manufacturer and what the device is capable of doing. The Chromebook is known for having minimal performance, but enough to run the web and web based apps without a problem.

Google want to break that formula by offering the high-end Chromebook Pixel, with brilliant performance, sterling design and an incredible display. The only problem is they want people to really buy into the Chromebook Pixel, with the bottom end price costing more than a MacBook Air.


The Chromebook Pixel comes with a 239ppi high-resolution display, beating the 13” MacBook Pro with retina display. The screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio, which Google say is better for web browsing, although it makes the device look a lot more like a square. As read Samsung Galaxy Camera Review.

The Pixel is the first Chromebook to have a touchscreen, and the technology has tap, pinch-to-zoom and swipe, as most every smartphone and tablet has. The Pixel comes with a backlit keyboard and an etched-glass touchpad.

Design wise, the Chromebook Pixel is an incredibly lightweight laptop made from aluminum and build quality is incredible. The Pixel has a Lightbar that flashes all the different original Google colors, another weird but wonderful feature to enhance how well build and well-designed this laptop is.

Inside the Chromebook Pixel there is a Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000. This is really a step up from the 1.1GHz Celeron processors inside the HP Chromebook and other very cheap processors.

Storage on the Chromebook Pixel is poor, with 32GB of solid-state drive. Google blocks this stat off by offering 1TB of Google Drive storage for three years, allowing you to back everything up into the cloud.

The Chromebook Pixel is definitely a top end laptop as far as design is concerned. The beauty of the laptop is equal to a high-end Ultrabook or MacBook.

Chrome OS

This is where the big problem the Chromebook Pixel has lies. Chrome OS is Google’s web-based operating system that lacks the sophistication or app selection Windows and Mac has had for years.

Chrome OS runs apps only in the Chrome Store, meaning Photoshop, iTunes and Skype are not available on the Chromebook Pixel. This limits what the computer can do immensely. As read Sony Xperia SP – Four Amazing Features.

For some people, web-based computing is fine, but for $1,200, it is pointless. We would rather see people grab a Mac or top Ultrabook or build an incredible desktop for that amount of money.

Worth it?

We would urge you the check out what Windows 7/8 and Mac OS are offering before buying the Chromebook Pixel, there are plenty of different laptops and desktops that offer a lot more for a lot cheaper.