Diet and Fitness Tips that’ll Increase Your Longevity

Being healthy is the key to living a longer, more happier life. No one wants to become a crippled old man that has to rely on family members and nurses to eat, take showers, groom and get dressed. We are taught that this is our future, no matter what. But this is being challenged everyday by senior citizens who are taking a different approach to their diet and nutrition.

 The Vegan Diet

 One of the ways the elderly are fighting the hands of time (and winning) is by switching over to the vegan diet. There are even more men crossing over to the “sissy” diet after seeing how strong vegan athletes and bodybuilders are becoming. In the past, it was believed that meat and whey were the top protein for getting stronger. But this isn’t true. Staying away from animal products is showing to be essential for longevity.

 Drinking High-Nutrition Smoothies

 Forget vitamin supplements – if you can get your hands on superfoods with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, you can supercharge your body. There are various superfruits and herbs you can use to power up your smoothies. These can be taken daily, as well as before and after workouts. Some of the superfoods you can purchase online or at health food stores include acai berry, moringa, baobab and schizandra berry.

 Working Out Religiously

 Your fitness is key to being mobile for many, many years. The number one issue adults have as they age is not moving enough. Physical activity is crucial for keeping your muscles and joints healthy. With the super smoothies to help heal your body after workouts, you should have no problem keeping up with your routine. If you’re trying to shed fat and build muscle quickly, it’s a good idea to engage in high-intensity interval training. This is proven to enhance workout results, allowing you to get faster sooner.

 Know How to Relax

 Getting plentiful of rest is also a must if you want to keep your immune system strong. Taking vacations and downtime can help release stress and calm your nerves. You can plan a trip using a rental car from Alamo. You can find coupons and deals on Groupon for your next rental.

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