Given the apathy that has greeted recent Apple device launches such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Samsung has a genuine chance to steal Apple’s crown when they release their newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, at the end of April. As read Samsung Galaxy Camera Review.

Based on first impressions, the Galaxy S4 may have succeeded; it may have also succeeded in knocking PSY’s Gangnam Style off the top of the ‘biggest thing to come out of South Korea’ list.

When you first pick up the Galaxy S4, you can’t help but notice its magnificent 5″ Super AMOLED screen, packing a whopping 1080p and 441 pixels-per-inch, which offers a pin-sharp picture that will be perfect for streaming HD movies.

Irrespective of the Apple-shaped shadow of comparison that looms over any smartphone launch, the Galaxy S4 has big boots to fill in the form of its predecessor, the much-loved Samsung Galaxy S3, which according to Samsung was the world’s most popular Android phone.

The S4 appears to have succeeded in filling the S3’s boots, as the Galaxy S4 has been given a serious upgrade in terms of hardware; this includes a lightning-fast eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM, which is double that available in the S3.

However, the main reason that Apple should be quaking in their boots comes in the form of two highlyinnovative features – S Health and eye-tracking.

S Health utilises a built-in pedometer that can track your movement to provide accurate feedback on distance travelled and calories burned to track your diet and determine your state of fitness, which makes the S4’s tagline of ‘life companion’ particularly apt.The S4 also has built-in sensors to detect temperature and humidity. The best way to imagine the S Health feature is as an alternative to Nike’s Fuelband. As read Sony Xperia SP – Four Amazing Features.

The second highly intuitive feature is the highly-touted eye tracking feature, which utilises the S4’s front-facing camera in order to detect when you’re looking at the screen; eye-tracking can then pause videos when you’re not looking, or scroll down when you have reached the bottom of a page, for example.

One minor disappointment is that the S4 will only be available in two colours, the unimaginatively titled Frost White & Black Mist, which appear to be a continuation of the ‘inspired by nature’ theme of previous Samsung products.

If, like me, you don’t want your phone colour to act as a constant reminder of the dreary weather that we are currently experiencing, you may be wise to invest in a protective case when the phone is released in the UK on 26 April.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t released in the UK for another month or so, you can stay one step ahead by investing in a Samsung Galaxy S4 case from Mobile Madhouse, who already have a comprehensive range of S4 cases available in a range of colours, styles and materials.

Personally, I am most looking forward to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 can also sense the presence of your fingers, which will allow me to skip to the next music track, answer a call, preview an e-mail, or flick through a photo album, all by swiping my hand over the screen – extremely valuable for when I am partaking in my weekly fix of an obscenely greasy cheeseburger! As read Best 5 i5 processor Laptops.