Five ways to make your Blogger outreach campaign more effective

Over the years we have tirelessly tried to develop techniques that can ensure we gain links to our websites. Due to new Google algorithm changes, also known as Penguin and Panda we now have to ensure that our link profile is clean and our sites are filled with rich content. One way to achieve noticeable results is by using blogger outreach. This is a method of gaining natural links to your website through posting articles on other sites. Here are 5 techniques to make your blogger outreach campaign more effective:

Building relationships

Making relationships with other bloggers is pivotal when trying to build links to your site. By being sincere to other bloggers, it can open doors for your business as they will be happy to help you. Once you have built a relationship with other bloggers, you need to keep them interested. A good way to keep other bloggers happy and willing to help you is by providing them opportunities to build links. A way to build links is by giving an exchange, this way you can both help each other out.


Getting a list of all your content and all contacts is crucial to an efficient fast campaign. By ordering all your contacts by blogs in their niche and PR when you need to return to them for a post, you can contact them straight away. You need to organise all your content in order and sort it between each client, making it easy to gather material right away for your prospects.

Sourcing prospects

Finding blogs and contacts is one of the most important aspects to any campaign. If you are unable to find suitable niche prospects with high PR then you may struggle to grow a natural link profile. Here are a few sites that are useful to source prospects:

  • My Blog Guest
  • Blog Synergy
  • Blogger link up
  • Guest blog it

It is advantageous to offer a link building opportunity to these prospects when you are asking for one yourself if you are trying to build a relationship.

Making a clean link profile

Creating a clean link profile is pivotal when trying to get noticed by Google and the other search engines. In order to ensure your profile is clean you want to post on niche sites relevant to yours. You can find hundreds of niche sites online by just searching, marketing: guest post this will identify hundreds of sites that accept guest posts about marketing. Try to post your content on high quality sites with original content without it being ridden with ad sense. You don’t want to be linking to poor quality sites as Google will then see you have a link with the sites and penalize you accordingly. Another way to ensure you don’t become penalised by Google is by having a spread of anchor text. You do not want to constantly use on keyword as this will very unnatural, use secondary keywords and generic terms such as click here or see the home page.

High quality niche content

Ensure that you content is high related to a niche and insert keywords about each topic. You should also use authority links such as Wikipedia to make it appear you are adding value. You need to also make sure your content is original and other 600 words.

By following these steps it can make certain that your site will be picked up by Google. In order to get your site noticed your blogger outreach campaign needs to efficient and professional, try to target high quality sites as this will send all the right signals to Google.

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