Get the Yummy and Mouth Watering Treats at One Stop- Tiny Owl.

Hungry…!!! Good, that’s why we are here. Tiny Owl app is an app that offers free ordering and delivery services in five cities of India and they are Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon. It covers all the finest restaurants of the given cities and offers the best available menus. They provide more than 1000s of menu options of the best restaurants. You just have to download tiny owl app, browse the location, select the menu you want to eat, order and enjoy the delicious food. This app made it all so easy and convenient.



  • This app provides the various filter options like menu item, cuisine, veg/ non veg, specific restaurant, location, etc. that helps to refine the search.
  • Reviews, coupons, restaurant information and free ordering are another facility the app provides to the users.
  • Tiny Owl even detects the location of the user very smartly and find out the nearby takeout spots in the area.
  • It also saves the history and previous order details for further orders and avoids you to re-enter the same detail each time. It makes order even faster, frequent and just few taps away.
  • This app provides multiple options for payment such as PayPal, net banking, wallet, cash on delivery and also through debit or credit cards. This makes everything handier for every user to order and enjoy the meal.
  • It is the best foodie app in the market and perfect for any traveler, hosteller, working person and anybody else.
  • The text updates they provide about delivery is also worthy.
  • Tiny Owl app made “being too lazy to cook” so well- situated and easy for any housewife.
  • The updates are always on time and are amazing with its pleasant, helpful customer services.
  • The app is user friendly, swanky and great looking user interface.

Tiny Owl is so awesome and so is there customer service team that never lets me down. We love to use this app it’s great for night time and all the other time. I’ve become addicted to the food getting delivered this way, just too quickly and hassle free. This is the only app I have ever bothered to rate and review. Tiny Owl is better than the apps like zomato and swiggy. It had made the ordering of dinner, breakfast and lunch a painless process by making its reach at your fingertips.


I have recently visited Hyderabad for a business meeting with my friend and staying at his home. He lives alone in an apartment there. After getting over with the meeting thing I thought to stay with him for some days. One night we decided to have dinner in a restaurant there, we both were just stepping out from his flat to the restaurant suddenly the rain started and we have to cancel our plan. We both were hungry and it’s still raining there to go out to eat. Then my friend suggested ordering food online through the Tiny Owl app. I have never heard about it as I am not that much app freaky. He ordered the food and I was totally amazed from their fast services with multiple options in cuisines. From then I am a regular user of this app.


The Tiny Owl app handles each and every aspects of the delivery experience. You don’t have to worry about where the delivery boy is. They will always be on time and let you enjoy your favorite meal. I would rate it 4. This app is present on Google Play Store; you can download it for any version i.e. android, windows or iOS.