Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker- An In-depth Review

Are you going to buy the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker? Want to know more about this product before purchasing it for yourself? Then you just have come to the right place. This is an in-depth review of Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker and you will get all the necessary information about this product here. So, stay with it. As read How to use a multimeter.

What Is Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is a small Blutooth device; it connects to other devices via Bluetooth and works as a portable wireless device. Bluetooth 3.0 has been used in this device, but it is fully compatible with older Bluetooth versions as well.

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker comes in a tiny little box, you may feel disappointed with the size of it. But, when you will open the box, you will get the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker along with a mini USB cable and a user manual. The speaker has been covered with a rubber casing, and there is a suction gum on the bottom of it. As a result, you can easily stick the speaker on any plain surface like glass, plastic surface, table top or even the back of your Smartphone or laptop. This is an ideal speaker for those who have to work on several rooms and don’t like to stick a headphone or speaker on the forehead.

Design and Outlook of The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is a cute looking small device. Its height is only 2.3 inches with 2.6 inch width. It weighs only 90g as well. Which means, you can carry it comfortably and put it anywhere you wish. You can even place it in a handbag and carry it along with yourself.

As it has been packed with a rubber casing, it gets stuck in any place easily. Moreover, the rubberized casing protects it from  falls and small bumps. The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof as well, this has been written on the instruction manual of the device. So, you can even set it in your bathroom and enjoy the music there. As read Top 7 Hottest Wearable Gadgets in 2013.

Sound Quality of The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker

If you think that a small speaker won’t be able to produce good quality sounds, the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker will prove you wrong. You can play all kinds of music via this speaker and it will provide you an outstanding output. It has the ability of coping with any kind of beat and music.

How to Use The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker

The Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is quite easy to use. It will make a beep sound if you turn it on, which indicates that the device is ready to use. A blue light will flash as well. Then it will start searching for a Bluetooth device. When the connection is successfully made, the speed of the flashing light will become slower.

If you take the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker as a speaker only, then you will miss another special thing. This speaker works as a portable microphone as well. So, you can use it as a hands free device and it will help you take calls easily.

After discussing all these facts, it can be easily said that the Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker is the best portable speaker which you can get at $27.49 only. As read Biometric Clock-in Machines Cut 5% Off Your Payroll.