Olympus brings VH-520 Camera to the Indian Market

Olympus brings VH-520 Camera to the Indian Market

A new point and shoot camera has been introduced to the Indian market recently. The VH-520 from one of the opto-digital leaders, Olympus and it has been introduced to the Indian market by their Indian section named Olympus Imaging India Private limited. This camera belongs to the company’s stylus range which is mostly targeted towards the people who don’t want to pay much attention to the basics of photography but wants to get beautiful pictures. It’s not a geek-gizmo, according to the company’s statement and we looked forward to the specifications of the camera. This camera is really good! As read Seven Great Tips for Putting Business Cards to Their Full Use.

So what does this camera has on board?


The camera is sleek and within this sleek casing, it has packed a full load of technologies and greater specification. Like low-light iHS, this technology is available only in the higher end cameras now which is pretty much triple the price of the normal cameras. If you want picture quality which is in one word ‘sheer pictures’ then you are looking for this camera. This VH-520 is comparatively an inexpensive camera but comes as an ultimate performer. And what boosts it performance to that higher level? As mentioned before the iHS, a 14 megapixel superior CMOS sensor, the 10x optical zoom which can be zoomed up to 20x with the super resolution zoom functionality and lens-shift IS so that your pictures don’t come up blurry.

Finally you can take pictures without having to worry about shaking hands. You can record your movies in high speed and then play it back in slow motion without any stuttering because the fps is better and won’t let your videos down. In low light shooting situations, these point and shoot cameras are usually the worst performers but this one handles these situations better with ISO 6400 and HDR backlight adjustment. Even you get image stabilization in video mode which was certainly not expected from this compact digital camera. As read How to Carry Out Domain Registration for New Business Websites.

Low light – no worries anymore

The ISO ranges up to 6400 which means brilliant photos even in lower lights like inside restaurants or museums where you can’t fire the flash. Although the noise performance is indeed an issue as you can’t just expect higher ISO-lower noise pictures from a compact camera which has a very small sensor, nothing even close to an APS-C size sensor so noise will always prevail. But at least, it’s way better than the other compact cameras available in the market now. And HDR makes your low light photos look better.


The design is cool. The 3 inch LCD and it is only 25.4 mm from lens to the display. You can just put it in your pocket and go out, and start shooting. And the size is a great concern in these point and shoot cameras, so Olympus had to cut down the mechanical image stabilizer and they have put digital IS in it. So you get a camera with iHS, great low light performance, fashionable design and blur free shooting even in low light, what else do you expect from a compact camera?

And this camera will soon be available in widespread Indian markets. Now it’s only available in the well renowned camera shops. As read 14 Best Practices For Effective A/B Testing.