Samsung Android 4.0 of galaxy S3 VS Nokia Symbian Belle comparisons

Technology is getting more advanced today and the arrival of smarter phones with superior facilities has achieved development to a greater extent. Variety of phones are available in the market and the competitions between various mobile phones are occurring more and more. Each model of the mobile phone is unique and it is incorporated with some special features. The people will choose a phone as a best when it has multiple facilities and options in it. The Samsung Android 4.0 of Galaxy S3 is developed using the cutting edge technology and the process of sharing among the people can be made smarter and easier through this application. The feature of beams in this phone allows transferring the desired photos, videos and any documents between two s3 phones by just keeping them back to back. Also the share shot option allows sharing the images instantly captured during the party with the members around. The galaxy s3 is preloaded with Google maps and flip board. The searching options in the web can be done using your voice by just raising the phone to your ear to make the conversation. The camera allows taking 20 burst shots just in seconds and provided with 8.0 megapixels. The users can take their own image using the front facing camera. It performs multitasking, as accessing in the web one can also able to watch the video.
Nokia also launched Symbian belle smart phones in the market which are provided with higher storage capacity. But nokia was not succeeded with the Android prototype. Samsung Android 4.0 of galaxy S3 VS Nokia Symbian Belle comparisons reveals that the installing option in Samsung Galaxy is far better when compared with the Nokia installations. On Nokia, the installing application takes several times, whereas in Samsung it can be done quickly in few minutes. The feature S voice assistant in Samsung is more advanced when compared with the Nokia features. Also the option of pop up play function is available in Samsung Galaxy S3 which allows the user to play music while accessing the web. Voice commanding and voice dialing option is supported on both the phones which is very advantageous for the users. Both the Android system of Samsung and Nokia Belle system phones are provided with the horizontal screen mode and screen locking clocks. But the installing option is only permitted in the Samsung Galaxy S3. The features of the processor and memory options will differ in the two phones. Samsung Galaxy is provided with more processor speed and high storage capacity when compared with the Nokia Symbian Belle. Moreover the user cannot change the base firmware and home screens in the old versions of Nokia Symbian Belle phones, but the latest version of N97 mini, Nokia C7, Nokia N8 and Nokia E8 are provided with this feature. From the Samsung Android 4.0 of galaxy S3 VS Nokia Symbian Belle comparisons, the users can get a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of the two models. Finally the user can purchase the required model from the market provided with the essential features.

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