Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Stunning looks, unbelievable features, high picture quality and the Brand Tag Samsung Galaxy, yep a beautiful combination which is fully loaded to mesmerize you. In general, there are plenty of smart phones available in the market featuring good camera but have you experience a camera with smart phone features?? Then this time Samsung has been trying to write a new story with its all new Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera has been launched in India, so let’s take some more information regarding this gadget:

Samsung Galaxy Camera


The looks of the gadget is spectacular, it means you will just mesmerize after taking it into your hands. The camera has stunning looks and as well as feature. But if we talk more precisely about the camera then the gadget is a bit bulky due to its 21x optical zoom, but camera is still sleek and width is 19mm. due to the lens you cannot put this gadget in your pocket, so a big demerit for the Samsung. The body is built of fine high quality plastic which is similar to used in Samsung Smart Phones. Also camera is featured with xenon flash, shutter release button and zoom control ring. So this is the Samsung Galaxy Camera Review about Hardware. As read Sony Xperia SP – Four Amazing Features.


Samsung has not offered much physical control options, so the camera is more made up for touch tools. The gadget is coming with Android 4.1 Jellybean Operating System. If you are used to with Android then you will easily go through it. You can perform every option which you like to do in your smart phone. So this is the Samsung Galaxy Camera Review about software.

Camera Performance

About the camera performance I would say it depends on your expectations it means the camera performance is very well if you are comparing it with small budget cameras and overall. But, if you are comparing it with same price cameras such as Olympus, Sony NEX-5N and MICRO from Panasonic then it disappoints. Although an average buy if you are seeking for an Android camera, the color saturation and video playback is good because of optical zoom and lens. As read Best 5 i5 processor Laptops.


The camera is featured with a 1650mAh battery which ensures your camera’s life up to 4.5hrs if you are continuously using it otherwise 168hrs if your camera is on standby.


In Indian Market, you can buy this techy camera at Rs.29, 990.


Overall it is a good camera + smart phone, if you are seeking for this combination then I will say go ahead and buy this stunning gadget. But if you want to take a market survey before investing your money then I would say there are plenty of great options available in market which are having excellent picture quality and other features only they just lack that they are only cameras not a smart phone based on Android. As read Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker- An In-depth Review.

I hope this information will help you to deal with a good camera.

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