Samsung NX2000 Digital Camera- Review and Specifications

Samsung finally brought out the product you’re looking for if you’re not sure whether to buy Samsung’s NX300 or NX1000 and it is Samsung NX2000. It packs the most recent features of digital camera world. You can take your casual photography to another level with using this camera. It has NFC functionality as well as with the capability of taking 3D pictures. This 20.3-megapixels camera will bring new meaning to Samsung which is why it’s priced at $650. Now, take a more detailed view of the latest beast of Samsung. As read Olympus brings VH-520 Camera to the Indian Market.


It has a 3.7-inch TFT-LCD display with the capability of touchscreen. It represents itself in WVGA display of a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. It also has 1,152k dots for clear pixels. It weighs just 228 g and it has the dimensions of 119 x 64.5 x 35.7 mm. Overall, it’s a very nice looking handy camera for casual photography.

Image Quality

It has the larger 20.3 megapixels PS-C CMOS sensor which can produce high-quality images with very detailed contents. The sensor has been built solely by Samsung. It contains DRIMe IV image processor engine which is engineered for crispier images with lowering noise and speeding up the speed and color production.

It contains 8fps for fast and continuous shooting. It can’t let one moment slip away since the 1/4000th shutter speed can take any image whether the subject is moving or the photographer is running. It has long ISO range (100-25,600) which can help to produce better light and balance low-light conditions. Overall, the images contain high-detailed with fast capturing and processing. As read Seven Great Tips for Putting Business Cards to Their Full Use.

Controlling Images

The 3.7-inch touchscreen display represents all the necessary features you need to take control of your images vividly. It has a SMART mode which helps you to have more options for taking more impressive shot. It features 14 different scene modes. It has many different features like Action Freeze or Best Face, Best face is a function where the camera takes five consecutive photos of any person and let you select the best one from them. You can easily handle the camera and take high quality images.

This camera has the capability of holding 12-interchangeable lens. It can be adjusted with micro lenses as well as tele-lenses. You can achieve more professional images from controlling lenses and features like aperture or shutter speeds.

As earlier we have said, it can take 3D images than can be enjoyed over the 3D TVs. It also provides the function to shoot videos at FULL HD recording with vivid color, high level of details and great quality images.


NX2000 is by far the most advanced camera in the field of connectivity. It features Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Cloud transferring and backing up images by Auto Backup. It also features a direct playback by using Wi-Fi direct.

You’ll be able to get choices of 3colors when buying this camera. They’re white, black and pink. It’s priced at $649.99 with a view to attract casual photographers. As read How to Carry Out Domain Registration for New Business Websites.