Seven Great Tips for Putting Business Cards to Their Full Use

When it comes to networking, there should be no underestimating the value of business cards. These valuable marketing tools can help increase a business’ customers base which translates into higher revenue streams. Many businesses understand the importance of distributing business cards but don’t know how to go about putting the cards to their full use. Check out the tips below to learn how business cards can be given away and used as powerful marketing tools. As read Five ways to make your Blogger outreach campaign more effective.

Tip #1: Use the Back of the Card

On the front of a business card, it is not hard to predict what will be listed. For the most part, this is where consumers will find a business’ name, contact info, hours of operation, etc. The back of the card however, is an area in which a direct message can be displayed for a consumer to read. A great thing to list on the back of card is a business’ direct 800 number; this provides inside info to a consumer, making them appreciate and keep the card.

Tip #2: Keep a Good Stock of Cards

Without cards, it becomes impossible to distribute them. It is always a good idea to have 20 or more cards on hand at any time. A great way to go about doing this is by keeping 10 in the wallet, 10 in the briefcase, and 10 in the pocket all at the same time. By having cards on hand at all times, it becomes less likely that a person will be in promising situation without any cards to give away.

Tip #3: Offer a Discount

To get consumers to hang on to business cards, it is beneficial to offer a discount when the customer presents the card at the sale of a transaction. Through this type of promotion, customers will be sure to hang on to the cards, presenting them every time they shop at a particular business. As read 14 Best Practices For Effective A/B Testing.

Tip #4: Other Businesses

It is just as important to leave business cards at places of business as it is to hand them out to consumers. Businesses that the cards should be left at are those that complement a particular business. For example, a hair salon might want to form a networking relationship with a nail salon, agreeing that both businesses will distribute cards for one another.

Tip #5: Use the Cards Online

Just as business cards can be handed out in person, they can also be scanned and included within emails, websites and more. It is important to display them online, as this will help to increase brand visibility.

Tip #6: Bilingual Cards

Now more than ever, there is a great reason to distribute cards in English and a foreign language. In doing this, it becomes easier to increase brand visibility amongst a wide range of diverse consumers. A great way to go about doing this would be to have English writing on one side, and on the reverse side, this is where a foreign language would be readable.

Tip #7: Appointment Cards

If a business goes about conducting its business my making appointments with its customers, it should always give its customers an appointment reminder. A great way to do this is to give them a business card with the time and date of the appointment jotted down on the back. As read How to Carry Out Domain Registration for New Business Websites.