Sony Xperia SP – Four Amazing Features

Sony has been pretty successful with their products all over the year and with their Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, their performance have elevated onto a new level. After releasing their flagship smartphones, Sony is now focusing on the mid-range devices to ensure more products for mid-budget phones. Sony Xperia SP has all the ingredients to call it a mid-range device which can also give you a premium feeling on your hands without losing too many bucks out of your pocket. Sony is promising to keep the price of this device as low as Rs. 25,000 when it outbreaks in the market within next month. The most amazing news is that Asia and Europe will be first ones where Xperia SP will arrive. This means you can get this device faster than you thought. As read Best 5 i5 processor Laptops.

Sony Xperia SP – Four Amazing Features

Technical Aspects

Xperia SP sports a 720p display within 4.6 inch screen. This device is equipped with Dual-Core processor clocking at the speed of 1.7 GHz and 1GB RAM to ensure faster performance. It’s engineered for sheer gaming with Adreno 320 GPU unit. You’ll be amazed to have 8 megapixels camera on your hands which has the ability to shoot 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. This smartphone will feature 2370 mAh battery and it will run on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

There’re lots of features which caught hold of our eyes since we examined the whole Xperia SP and the top four has been presented next to you to give you a slight idea to consider this device as your next smartphone.

Amazing Display

Build within 4.6 inch screen, Xperia SP wouldn’t give you a feeling of being extra-large and it will summon to your one hand pretty easily. You can work on this device with single hand. You will get great display of 1280 x 720 pixels resolution which can offer you almost 319 pixels per inch display. This device is pretty awesome for watching videos and it can be viewed from different angels. As read Gum Rock Bluetooth Speaker- An In-depth Review.

Stripping Notifications

This is the place where this device is so unique. There’s a bar at the bottom of the phone which is transparent and it will lighten up every time you receive a call or sms or any notification. The most amazing part is that you can change the color for individual person’s notification to identify them easily.

Build & Design

Although, this device is priced pretty low, it will provide you a premium feeling. It weighs just 155grams and there’s a physical camera button for you to work with your camera. The design of the smartphone is pretty fantastic and the physical buttons are identically feasible to reach without any problems.


The biggest problem we face while using a smartphone is the battery drainage and from the specs, we’re getting a clear view about its great battery performance. It seems that this device will last longer for your daily usage. As read How to use a multimeter.

With Rs. 25,000 price tag, Sony Xperia SP places itself the most demanding smartphone in the Asian region and you can consider it as your next smartphone.