Technology Used In Pebble Smart Watches And Its Specifications

It is very common that every person around the world uses watch for knowing the time. You cannot see any people without a watch. Every work is fixed with time so every person will work based on time. The famous proverb is time is gold and once it gets lost then it cannot be regained. The events are fixed with time such as every event happening are due to the fixed time. There are many watches available from many branded companies. The watch we are buying should be a high quality one and should have long battery life. Samsung Android 4.0 of galaxy S3 VS Nokia Symbian Belle comparisons.

You will buy watch according to the needs and the current trend. The watches are available in different designs, with different colors, different frames and in different sizes. Do you ever think a watch like smart phone? The technology has developed to make it similar as a smart phone. After the sports watch, digital watch and ordinary watch the pebble has introduced. The pebble technology is used in a smart watch called pebble e-paper watch. The development of the pebble is started from fund raising and kick starter campaign. It is designed depends on the concept of displaying messages from smart phone. The Migicovsky Company is the pebble technology which raised Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and it has raised funds of $10000. The Pebble Smartwatch has specifications such as 1.26 inches with 144 X 168 pixel display in monochrome LCD with the perfect back light. Prefer The Best Features Of Project Shield In Order To Experience Real Game World.

It consists of vibrating motor, magnetometer, accelerometer and light sensors. It runs on IOS device and Android with Bluetooth 2.1. The battery life is more than any other watches. It has water resistant feature. It uses a USB cable to charge its battery. The Pebble Smartwatch has pre-installed applications. The applications include cycling app for measuring distance, speed and pace with the use of GPS. It is also used for golf as a range finder using the range-finder app. These applications allow 25,000 courses.

The applications are downloaded from the phone to the Pebble Smartwatch. To download the applications a SDK is available. The user can set the rules in using web services that will send notifications for the watch. You do not want to download all the applications on the Pebble Smartwatch from the smart phone but needed applications should be downloaded for wide use. The updates are available for watch users every two to three weeks for watch OS. It has entered the production of 15000 watches for a single week. It will enter into the world officially on January 23, 2013. It has a sharp LCD with readable black color, arctic white and red color. Why You Should Clear the House of Old Gadgets.

The applications most a watch need is playing music while walking, measuring speed while running, measuring range while playing golf and measuring distance while cycling. There are wide facilities available in Pebble Smartwatch which led its way to the topmost products that every person will start to use it and will enjoy the benefits. The pebble smart watch is used in FreeRTOS core. The applications can be downloaded which supports Android and IOS 5.