Top 7 Hottest Wearable Gadgets in 2013

When you see the sci-fi movies and see those wearable gadgets that your super heroes use, for instance, Batman’s equipment, you want to have your own someday. But, unfortunately enough our future hasn’t updated to reach that level of success. As read Biometric Clock-in Machines Cut 5% Off Your Payroll.

Compared to the future gadgets, we’ve made some advancement as well. Wearable gadgets are the new trend among youngsters. Not long ago, we’ve seen wearable watch calculator. Those are pretty old compared to now-a-days. Since the Android evolved, we’ve been seeing great improvements in wearable gadgets and synchronization as well. Let’s take a look at the hottest wearable gadgets of this year.

1.  Google Glass/ Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Yes, the future is here. The time isn’t far when you’re going to see people walking around the cities with a tech gadget as their glasses. Google has finally released this gadget for the world to use. There’s not a consumer version released but there’s explorer that’s up for testing. It’s just a glass that you can wear and work with it like your smartphone. You can call, find locations, or Google anything.

Another alternate version of Google’s project is Vuzix M100 Smart glasses. It’s been featured in CES 2013 and looks really promising. It can pair with any Android smartphone and features 4GB internal storage as well as Wi-Fi and Android 4.0. As read Creative Designs to Inspire your Business Card Design.

2.  Rusty’s Wired Series

Earphones create a bit hassle keeping in your pocket. But, now, there’s a wired t-shirt that can relief you from this pain. It has the earphones plugged as the elastic strings. You can place your music device to its pocket and connect the jack to make it work like a charm.

3. Smart Watches

Smart watches are pretty new and it’s out for the consumer as well. Pepple, Samsung’s Smart Gear and Sony’s SmartWatch has created a new platform for the wearable gadgets.

4.  iWallet

iWallet can take your wallet security to a whole new level. With this, you won’t have to change your wallets. It has a hard-casing with biometric technology to detect you. The prices are high but once paired with your smartphone, it will alarm you if you’re too far from your wallet.

5.  Bluetooth Gloves

Ever found yourself in trouble when you’re riding a motorbike, and need to operate your mobile. BearTek has come up with a solution to detect your movement even when you’re wearing gloves. It has music control, calling feature with the 6 touch points once you’ve paired it with its Bluetooth technology. As read Samsung NX2000 Digital Camera- Review and Specifications.

6. Shirt Button Spy Camera & Air Conditioner T-shirt

Recording spy videos has reached a new level with wearable spy cameras. After the release of Pen Spy camera, here comes the shirt button spy camera.

For the hotter areas, Japan Trend Shop has come up with a solution to cool down the worn clothes. With the Air conditioned USB shirt, you can receive cool air through its fiber.

7.  Metabolism Tracker- Breezing

If you want to track your metabolism, no need to go to the clinic. You can track it just by breathing. Yes, this device will show your metabolic rate through oxygen intake through your Android smartphone. It’ll also show your required calorie consumption as well.