Vapor Accumulator Review – The VapeCiga Acura Modular Vaporizer

VapeCiga is a well-known e-juice company that makes a wide range of great products. Their newest product to be launched is the “Ace Uwell Centrex.” This is their first atomizer and can be purchased in three different variations. The “Centrex” is the highest-rated device in their lineup and is a massive leap forward from their last release, which was the “Golf Club.” They have also upped their production and now offer two models: The “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” and the “Budget Edition.” Between the high-quality materials, the user-friendly controls, and the excellent features this product offers the Vaporizers are well worth their cost.

With the VapeCiga Centrex you get the benefit of dual heating elements. The outer metal case has a clear window and rubber surround for ventilation. The inner heating element has two heating chambers which are made of glass and ceramic. The dual heating chambers provide a precise burn rate and allow you to enjoy flavorful vapors even when the coils are not burning at top speed.

One of the best features of this device is the fact that it utilizes the patented WOW Technology which is provided by the VapeCiga caliburn atomizer. The concept behind this amazing technology is to allow for an incredible amount of vapor production without using extremely high-wattage e-juices. If you look at other mods and vaporizers, you will notice that the biggest percentage of them utilize extremely high-wattage juices. The problem with this is that they create massive amounts of vapor but then have a difficult time keeping it in tact. The “Ace Uwell Centrex” eliminates this problem completely because it uses a super-high wattage electric mod which is extremely efficient and powerful.

As a result the VapeCiga caliber utilizes 2 individual chambers for heating. One chamber is simply known as the “bowl” chamber and the other is known as the “quench chamber”. The “bowl” allows for extremely potent flavors and vapors which are extremely hard to obtain with other models. If you were to use a smaller mod, then you would be able to achieve flavor and vapor quantities which would be impossible. This versatility and power make the VapeCiga caliburn one of the most popular mods on the market.

The design of the VapeCiga Mod comes with a simple and clean design that feels good in your hand. The aluminum frame is easily noticeable and looks great when paired with the included LED lights. The large base makes it easy to use and provides a firm and solid feel when using the device.

There is an included warranty along with the VapeCiga E-Liquid, which is a nice touch. The mod comes standard with a rubber ring on the bottom which acts as a window to the insides. The entire device has an easy to grip button, which works well and provides a firm and safe grip. The included stainless steel mesh back plate makes the tank very appealing and comfortable to use. The entire unit has an adjustable airflow control which makes it very easy to customize the amount of vapor production that is produced. The included 1 x mods are very easy to use, but does not have the same amount of vapor production like other higher-end products.

The VapeCiga Acura is powered by the Ni200 type of battery which is used in many top of the line vapor products. While there are a lot of different brands and kinds of batteries out there, the Ni200 can be found in the highest quality devices on the market. When using the Ni200, the mod can get very hot and should only be used with the best electric vapors or bowls. If you use the mod with a low-wattage coil, the results may be disappointing.

This is my personal favorite because it allows you to get extremely precise temperatures while only needing to change two coils. The two coils can be switched in either order and can change the temperature up or down. There are even settings for “auto fire” which will increase the vapor output based on what the mod can detect. With all these features and accurate assessments, the VapeCiga Acura is one of the most impressive and well rounded devices out there.